Egyptian Garlic Exports to Brazil

This season’s increase in garlic production has led to an oversupply of the market and lower China Garlic Prices. At the beginning of the new garlic market, premium garlic’s purchase price was only about 1.2 yuan/jin, much lower than the same period last year. From May to June, the domestic garlic market was relatively stable, with farmers slowly selling them and stockists buying them in an orderly manner. Starting two weeks ago, domestic raw material Garlic Prices have risen significantly, and inventories have increased rapidly.

In terms of exports, overseas markets have remained relatively sluggish recently. The public crisis in some areas is still ongoing, and there are occasions where the sailing time of ships is extended, or the cargo is squeezed in ports. Garlic containers need to be plugged in to cool down, and the port congestion in the early stage has a certain impact on product quality. Most of the first batch of goods exported in June reached overseas markets, but there are still customers in some countries who have not received the goods due to objective factors, resulting in delays in new orders.

This season, Egyptian garlic was exported to the Brazilian market for the first time, which caused a certain impact on domestic fresh garlic exports. Coupled with the public crisis and other influences, the next few weeks will need to wait and see the export situation.