Onion Sales Are Not Improving, The Market Outlook Is Still Uncertain

“Starting from April this year, new onions in multiple production areas have been put on the market in batches. The market is clearly oversupplied, and China Garlic Prices continue to decline. Nevertheless, low prices have not effectively stimulated consumption, whether onion growers or sellers. In the face of an unimproved market, there are complaints.” Ms. Wang from Jilin said in an interview with the Global Fruit and Vegetable Network. “Garlic Prices had a short, slight increase in mid-to-late June, but the market’s driving force was clearly insufficient, and prices fell again. Of course, in addition to being affected by the increase in listings, this year’s sluggish market environment also puts a lot of pressure on domestic sales and exports of onions. Our yellow-skin and red-skin onions come from many regions, including Henan and Shandong producing areas.

Relatively speaking, the sales of onions in Shandong are slightly better, especially for export. Despite this, its sales are still less than in the same period last year. As far as the export market is concerned, the current overall onion export price has fallen by 10%-20% compared with the same period last year, depending on the export destination and onion varieties. “At this stage, through traditional sales channels and e-commerce platforms, in addition to being sold to wholesale markets and supermarkets in domestic first and second-tier cities, our onions are also exported to Southeast Asian countries. The proportion of domestic and foreign sales is basically the same. “