Garlic Prices Will Continue To Rise In June

“The export season for new garlic opens at the end of May, and the current export price is lower than the same period garlic price 2019. It is expected that prices will fluctuate greatly during this round of the acquisition season, and storage enthusiasm for storage companies will rise.” From Pioneer Garlic Group’s Mr. Lee said in an interview with FRESH PLAZA. “This year, garlic production has increased, compared with last year, the increase is more than 15%. Although, throughout the country in the past few months experienced more frequent extreme climate, but this did not affect the harvest of garlic this season. In general, the quality of new garlic is good, the specifications are large, and the skin color is also good. ”

“As far as the stock of old garlic is concerned, there is still a lot of inventory at this stage. Due to the low price of new garlic, the market for old garlic has been impacted, and sales have dropped sharply. If the storage companies ship now, they will face huge losses, so most of them are waiting for the time to ship.” “Over the past month, China Garlic Prices have fallen rapidly, and they are currently in a period of bottoming out. I think garlic prices will continue to rise in June, this is mainly because the price is low, garlic is highly competitive in the international market, and the export volume will increase significantly. Although the development of special circumstances increased the export risk of garlic, especially the cargo ships’ voyage decreased a lot, the positions were tight, and logistics was blocked to a certain extent. “

“We mainly export to Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Turkey, and European markets. The key development markets this year are South American and European markets. According to the specific needs of customers, we supply white garlic and red garlic. The Turkish and European markets have recently purchased large quantities of white garlic. “