Four healthy eating methods of Chinese garlic

When it comes to garlic, many friends will say that it’s smelly and disgusting. In fact, when eating garlic, you will feel spicy and leave a bad smell in your mouth after eating, which makes many people stay away from you. Many people also miss this kind of food with high nutritional value.

Now I’m going to teach you four new ways to eat Chinese garlic. After you eat it, garlic will taste good and achieve the purpose of health preservation!

When it comes to garlic health preservation, it is actually because Chinese garlic contains many trace elements that the human body needs. It has a high nutritional value and a high medicinal value, so when it is used as raw materials to make food materials, it is bound to achieve the purpose of health preservation.

1.Pickled garlic with soy sauce

Pickled garlic with soy sauce, pickled garlic with soy sauce soup, and vinegar garlic can be used for medicine, but the garlic processed in this way is not so much medicinal garlic as a delicious wine dish.

When eating pickled garlic with soy sauce, we must pay attention to that although Chinese garlic is delicious, it can not be eaten more. If you eat too much, it will lead to excessive salt intake. About 10% of garlic pickled by soy sauce is salt. Every time you eat 10 grams of soy sauce to marinate garlic, you will take 1 gram of salt. For those patients with kidney disease and hypertension who take too much salt, it’s better to take only one flap a day.

The garlic pickled for more than one year, when eating, will find that there is no peculiar smell of garlic, the color has turned into tea, and it is full of fragrance like buckwheat head, very delicious.

2.Laba garlic

Laba garlic is also a kind of pickled garlic, that is, vinegar pickled garlic. The ingredients are vinegar and garlic cloves. Put the peeled garlic cloves into a can that can be sealed, pour the vinegar into it, seal it, and put it in a cold place.

Slowly, the garlic soaked in vinegar will turn green, like an emerald. Laba garlic has a very unique taste and is an ideal condiment for eating dumplings. At the same time, Laba garlic also has therapeutic effects such as cold prevention and blood pressure reduction. However, eating too much Laba garlic will also produce an enzyme, which makes people feel tired.

3.Garlic wine

The eating method of wine-soaked garlic is totally different from that of soy sauce pickled garlic and Laba garlic. It is not to eat the garlic in the wine, but to drink the wine mixed with garlic juice.

Generally, 1 ml of garlic wine contains 8000 micrograms of allicin. In other words, the effect of drinking 100 mg of garlic wine is exactly the same as eating 5 grams of garlic raw, and the stomach wall absorbs the allicin together while absorbing alcohol. The effect of drinking garlic wine is better than eating garlic raw.

4.Drying method

It is one of the processing methods to dry Chinese garlic and grind it into powder. At this time, garlic powder can maintain the efficacy of fresh garlic by one third to one half.

When drying garlic, if the normal high temperature of dried vegetables is used, the garlic components are easy to volatilize, and the efficacy is greatly weakened. It is not difficult to know through the experiment that when heated and dried at a temperature above 70 ℃, the ingredients of garlic will change. The effective content of allicin will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the freeze-drying method with a lower temperature is more suitable for garlic. When the garlic is frozen at about – 20 ℃, 50% allicin can be retained. Seal the freeze-dried garlic powder and store it for a long time. Experience shows that garlic powder still retains its effect after 3 years of sealed storage.