How About The Trading Status after The Precocious New Garlic Comes on The Market

Zhongmou, Henan:
The seedlings in Zhongmou are better this year. According to local brokers, the output of early-ripening fresh garlic this year is not much different from last year, at around 3,000 pounds per mu. Currently, fresh garlic is in the early stages of the market. The maturity of early garlic is 60% o 70%, and garlic rice is relatively small, mainly in the fresh market food. When the market was first listed, wholesalers in the northern market are actively buying, with the increasing volume of goods, the domestic wholesale market demand has slowed down.
Qi County, Sumu, Henan:
This year the local premature fresh garlic output is about 3000 kg per mu, and the output of some good plots of fresh garlic is more than 3500 kg/mu. The garlic is currently not mature enough. This year’s fresh garlic is of good size and good quality. Most of the garlic fields are 5.5cm, and the content of 6.0cm is small. 6.0cm garlic accounts for about 1-2%. Most of the merchants who come to buy are sent to the northern market, and the market demand is acceptable
Huaiyang, Henan:
The density of garlic planting in the Huaiyang area is not as good as that of the main producing area. This year is a year with a better seedling stage. Compared with the normal year, the yield per mu is about 2500 kg/mu. This year, the yield per mu is 200-300 kg/mu more than the normal year. The price of fresh garlic goes basically high then low. The 5.5cm grilled garlic is from the listed price¥2.50 / jin dropped to about ¥2.00-2.10 / jin.
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