This Year’s Garlic Export Market Is Very Different from Previous Years

This year’s garlic market is difficult to predict. Normally, during this time of year, China Garlic Price will fall. However, the current price is still quite high. Mr. Liu, a china garlic supplier, shared the current status of the garlic market: “The export prices this month are quite stable. Although there are still some fluctuations, the range is limited. However, this year’s export prices are about 1300 per ton. -$ 1400 (most specifications are # 5.5), this price is much higher than in previous years. The main reason for the price increase is the special situation from the traditional Chinese New Year to the present. “

In September 2019, farmers began to plant garlic for the new season of 2019-2020. “This year farmers expanded the planting base by 20%, so this year’s output will be huge. Besides, the weather during this season is quite good, which further contributed to this year’s large production. At the end of May, the new crop will be listed, I expect market conditions at that time, it will go downhill. When new crops are put on the market, the excessive volume will lower the market price. Also, crops in 2018-2019 will lose some value, and prices will fall because their freshness is lower than new crops. ”
Overall, this year’s market demand for our products is similar to last year. We have noticed that many countries are now looking for the garlic because some academic studies have concluded that garlic helps strengthen the immune system. However, for our In terms of sales, there is not much difference. The current sales in this period are similar to last year, which is still very positive. When special circumstances occur in China, we must work hard to resume business operations. After a short shutdown period, our full production has begun again, and the product can be shipped to any place. We mainly ship garlic and ginger to Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Caribbean Islands, but we hope that the product can be shipped to more overseas markets in the future.