Fresh Garlic In China

Introduce Benefit PDF Download PDF Garlic has a lot of functions and uses. The most common one is used as a seasoning. Garlic is indispensable for the production of many delicacies. Simultaneously, garlic contains wealthy nutrients, which can supplement the daily needs of the human body and have a very high medicinal value. Research shows … Read moreFresh Garlic In China

Chinese Garlic

Introduce Advantage Origin PDF Download PDF Garlic is known as a natural broad-spectrum plant antibiotic, which has rich nutritional value. Therefore, it is accepted by many people, and its market demand is very high. The origin of garlic is West Asia and Central Asia. Zhang Qian brought garlic back to China when he went to … Read moreChinese Garlic

Garlic Suppliers In China

Introduce Advantage Supplier PDF Download PDF Garlic is an indispensable condiment in a daily diet. After adding garlic flavor, the food will increase many unique flavors. It can remove fishy smell and enhance flavor when cooking fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables. Especially in cold dishes, it can increase flavor and kill bacteria. Garlic planted all over … Read moreGarlic Suppliers In China

Garlic Price In China

Introduce Benefit Price PDF Download PDF Garlic is a very common food, which can be eaten raw or used as a seasoning. Many people also use garlic to stir up their appetites when they have no appetite. It is understood that garlic has a very rich nutritional value. Regular garlic consumption can bring us many … Read moreGarlic Price In China

Garlic Exports From China

Introduce Benefit Export PDF Download PDF China is the world’s largest garlic exporter, accounting for more than 70% of the world’s garlic trade. However, garlic’s origin is West Asia and Central Asia, and garlic has been booming in China since it was brought back to China by Zhang Qian 2000 years ago. Garlic has a very … Read moreGarlic Exports From China