Red Onion Prices Expected to Decline In Coming Weeks

“The harvest of Yunnan’s main onion producing region has lasted for about two weeks, and the harvest season in Sichuan’s producing region will begin at the end of March. Due to various factors, China Garlic Prices are expected to decline in the next few weeks.” Jining Xingyuan Mr. Zhang, the principal of Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd. said.

“At present, Yunnan onions have been listed. In terms of production, the area of Yunnan onions planted this season has increased significantly compared with previous years, and the increase is expected to be more than 30%. In terms of prices, due to recent special circumstances, the purchase price of Yunnan red onions is last year. In the same period, about three times, farmers increased their prices and sold. Due to the increase in raw material prices, the harvest progress of Yunnan red onions was significantly delayed compared to previous years. It is expected that the harvest of Yunnan onions may not be completely completed after the Sichuan onions are listed. The yield is low, it is easy to grow shoots and the price is high. Once Sichuan spring onions are listed, the price of raw materials will be expected to decline. “Manager Zhang said.

“Compared with china garlic, overseas customers are more likely to purchase Pakistan onions. Although the price is higher, the quality is better. Besides, India will switch on and off exports on March 15 again. This year, India’s production areas are rich. The price is lower. As a result, overseas customers have begun booking Indian onions. Therefore, the export prices of Chinese onions may decline in the next few months. “Manager Zhang said.