Garlic Prices Fall

Recently, garlic prices have shown a downward trend. The origin is mainly local fresh garlic and cold storage in Shandong and Yunnan. The main reasons for the decline in garlic prices:

One is the large amount of listing in the place of origin. The garlic sold on the market is mainly local fresh garlic and cold storage dry garlic. The price of local fresh garlic is 0.7-0.9 yuan / jin, because the cheap price accounts for 70% of the market sales, and the price of dried garlic in stock At 2.0-3.0 yuan / kg, mainly for long-term storage, good quality and high price, accounting for 30% of market sales. With the recent increase in temperature, the market of local garlic has gradually increased and the price has dropped significantly.

The second is affected by special circumstances. On the whole, the price of the Chinese garlic market has declined overall this year, and the current market continues to decline. This is because there are more new sources of supply now, and the main reason is still to sell the original sources. Good sources of goods are relatively tight, and ordinary sources of supply are relatively sufficient.

However, from the perspective of transaction volume, the current transaction volume is not high. This is because garlic has a continuous downward trend according to different grades, resulting in many merchants who are not in shortage of goods and will not ask for goods in time. They are currently on the market The main activity is mainly for customers who just need it. Another part of the customers is more cautious in buying goods. The main transaction is still at low prices, so we see that garlic prices have declined.

The main factor for the decline in garlic prices is that with the arrival of summer, the supply of local new garlic is increasing, and the cheap price accounts for the main sales volume in the market, resulting in a gradual decline in the overall price. In addition to the recent continued decline in garlic prices, many Merchants are afraid to purchase in large quantities, and sales have decreased, resulting in overall decline in garlic prices.