Trading Volume Reduced In The Market The Decline In Prices Has Narrowed

Today’s garlic market is weak and stable, and the supply of goods is still loose. However, the new supply is not obvious. Due to the continued impact of the epidemic, most market transactions have not resumed. Only a few merchants took the goods. Buyers have the intention to purchase goods, the overall transaction volume is small, and the decline in prices has narrowed.

In the morning, the market in the Jinxiang production area has stabilized slightly. Although the supply of goods for sale has not increased significantly, the supply is still quite large in terms of the proportion of sales. Inquiry buyers have increased slightly, the volume of goods is still small, and transactions are basically carried out at any time.

Pizhou market transactions continued to be light, with more sellers intending to ship and abundant supply, but affected by the epidemic, it was difficult to deploy vehicles in the market. Some cold storages have a small number of shipments, and buyers have pressed Garlic Prices to pick up the goods, and the prices have fallen slightly.

Qixian market is weak, and transactions are slightly deserted. On the one hand, vehicles are not easy to dispatch. On the other hand, the market does not allow people to gather, and a small number of merchants load goods directly from the cold storage, and the transaction volume is significantly reduced. The market in the Zhongmou production area is weak, the market is not taking large quantities of goods, sellers take the initiative to ship, mainly in small quantities in the surrounding market to get goods. The price is slightly lower. Cangshan production areas are lightly traded. Due to the continuing impact of the epidemic, the market’s buying and selling transactions have decreased. Some inventors have opinions on China Garlic Price’s reorganization. The market in the Laiwu production area is weak and stable. Affected by the epidemic control, the number of purchase sellers has decreased, and the surrounding merchants have picked up a small number of goods.