Shandong Jinxiang Donated 300 Tons of Garlic to Wuhan

At 10 am on January 31, 10 caravans carrying banners with a load of 300 tons of high-quality Jinxiang garlic set off from Jinxiang, Shandong. After a long journey of 660 kilometers, they will reach Hubei in 10 hours.

Recently, the situation of prevention and control of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection in Wuhan and other places in Hubei has been severe. In order to help win the battle against epidemic prevention and control, the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce actively connected with the commercial departments of Hubei Province and Wuhan, and coordinated the provinces, cities and counties to actively coordinate the donation of materials to the Hubei epidemic area. The pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection has affected the hearts of children in the garlic village. On January 29, the Jinxiang Garlic Association responded to the call and issued an initiative to donate garlic to Wuhan. The garlic storage and processing enterprises in the county actively donated. In less than a day, we raised 300 tons of premium Jinxiang garlic.

China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. China garlic suppliers operate in good faith. Garlic consumers can buy garlic at ease.Jinxiang is the world’s center for garlic storage, production, processing and trade circulation. Garlic has the characteristics of strong bactericidal power and broad antibacterial spectrum, and is known by experts as the best natural antibiotic food. There is great love in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and the honest people gave their love again and again in front of the epidemic. During SARS in May 2003, Jinxiang urgently allocated 40 tons of high-quality Jinxiang garlic for free to Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, which is at the forefront of fighting SARS. In May 2008, 4 vehicles loaded with more than 100 tons of high-quality jinxiang garlic rushed to the Wenchuan disaster area thousands of miles away in August; in August 2010, a large debris flow geological disaster in Zhouqu, more than 30 tons of Jinxiang garlic assisted Zhouqu; in April 2013, the H7N9 bird flu epidemic affected the people of garlic village heart, dozens of farmers in Jinxiang donated 100 tons of garlic for love.