Wuxi, Jiangsu: Garlic Ushers In a Good Harvest Year

Now it is the season for new garlic to be listed. The China Garlic Price has continued to fall in the past month. At present, the wholesale price of new garlic in Wuxi market has dropped below 1 yuan per kilo. Statistics from the Chaoyang Agricultural Products Market show that the current daily sales of garlic are as high as 60 tons, double that of the same period last year.
New garlic is usually marketed in May and June. In the past month, the wholesale price of new garlic has dropped from about 3 yuan per jin to about 1 yuan at the time of listing, a drop of more than 50%. With the sharp decline in the price of new garlic, the price of old garlic also fell, from a 4-4.5 yuan a month ago to the current 3.5-4 yuan.

Judging from the trend over the years, the price of old garlic is generally stable, and the fluctuations will not be very large. The reason is that this year it has been mainly affected by the large amount of new garlic listed. Usually in the new garlic season, the price of new garlic will affect the price of old garlic. A few years ago, the wholesale price of new garlic was two or three yuan, so the price of old garlic was also pushed up. Old garlic mainly plays the role of “condiment” on the dining table, so sales are relatively stable. The new garlic can not only be marinated, but also can be grown, so the annual sales season is obviously higher than the old garlic.

Industry insiders analyzed that the reason why the price of garlic heads has fallen sharply this year is mainly because the planting area of the main garlic production area has expanded compared with previous years. This year’s climatic conditions are suitable for garlic growth, so it has ushered in a harvest year.